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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Misfit Releases A New Wear OS Smartwatch

It’s virtually actually no coincidence that Misfit’s new smartwatch bears quite a passing likeness to the Fossil devices proclaimed every week or 2 back.
The one-time standard fitness startup has been a part of the Fossil family since 2015, introducing its initial full-on smartwatch 2 years later.

The lines have continued to blur between the brands, and the new Vapor X shares a number of superficial and internal characteristics with the new 8th-gen Fossil devices.
That’s outstanding from a product stand — just like the Fossil branded product, the X brings both the new Snapdragon 3100 chip and the latest version of Wear OS.

Google’s stagnant wearables offering might finally be picking up some steam on the back of its close working (and IP acquiring) relationship with Fossil. While Apple was off making its own smartwatch and OS and Samsung was essentially forking Tizen for its own needs, Google had largely been relying on third parties for hardware.
The three-button design also reflects Fossil’s efforts, though Misfit’s device is being positioned as the company’s “lightest and most comfortable.” Both are factors that are sadly often overlooked in wearable design.
The 42mm case, meanwhile, is small and likely more accessible for more wrists.

                         MIS7304H 9

MIS7304H 9
It appears Fossil is victimisation the anomaly line to travel once the audience Fitbit has had recent success with via its Versa devices.
And indeed, the anomaly complete has historically had some success taking up additional casual users trying to find one thing comparatively straightforward however still modern.

The Vapor does fall short on pricing.
The “limited time introductory price” of $200 sounds nice, but after that, the MSRP bumps back up to $279.
That’s $20 but the Fossil, and $79 more than the Versa.
The sub-$200 worth purpose extremely seems like the sweet spot for these devices.

The Vapor X is offered through Misfit’s web site beginning these days.

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